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Our services:


Photobooth - beautifully backlit by LED to any color, perfectly suits any interior. It fits perfectly with modern decor.


Retrobooth - a beautiful, wooden machine, offering the same functions as a photo booth, although thanks to the external lighting it does better quality pictures. Perfect for parties in retro, rustic and boho. We are particularly proud of it, because it was made from A to Z according to our design, by a friend carpenter - hence it is unique :)


Instabooth - a device that uses social media to print photos. Works straight: set a hashtag for the event, e.g. #imprezaFirmyX. Guests take photos and upload them on the instagram with this #, and our device automatically prints them in the frame according to your design. A great thing for company events. The offer is always priced individually, write to us.


Wooden LOVE decoration  - made in wood, 120 cm high, each letter is 70 cm wide. Illuminated with LED luminaires, giving warm light.




2h/700 PLN

Each additional hour: 200 PLN


2h/900 PLN

Each additional hour: 200 PLN

Wooden LOVE  decoration

alone 400 PLN/2 days

in the bundle with  Photo/Retrobooth 

350 PLN 2 days
































Why us?

The price includes a personalized Guest Book (see examples

We will prepare a personalized picture frame for choosing a photographic background.

(without a problem we will make a frame with your theme, chosen color or password)

We will bring the maximum of gadgets

(plate, sticks, hats, wigs, wreaths, crowns ...)

Guests can take an unlimited number of photos during their fun time

After each session, they receive two prints

We care about the best quality of photos

After the event, we'll give you access to the online gallery, with high resolution photos. You can use them to make photobooks, albums or in social media

We will handle paperwork quickly and online. We have clear rules

We have 100% satisfied customers, check the Facebook reviews

We provide professional and joyful care of the animator

Book it now!

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Unikalna Retro-fotobudka lub Podświetlana Fotobudka + Napis LOVE!


email: info@dorozpuku.pl

phone +48 505 480 798 (Robert)

phone +48 506 305 522 (Asia)