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Unikalna Retro-fotobudka lub Podświetlana Fotobudka + Napis LOVE!

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Why a photo booth?
We've always seen photo booths as great fun and original celebrations for many occasions. Privately, we have never missed any opportunity to "play" in it funny pictures.


Observing the fun, inventing funny disguises or looking at the curious faces of people who see the photo booth for the first time is pure fun also for us. We participate in your joyful and important moments of life.​


In total, I wonder how many refrigerators and cork boards have been taken by us? ;)


As we are constantly developing our services and we like technical innovations, we are still introducing something new. At this point, we already have the photo booth, retro booth, instabooth (hashtag printer) and wooden LOVE decoration. You can read about each of them in the "Offer" tab.​


Why our photo booth?
We are distinguished by high quality of photos, attention to every detail and great (and modest;) animators, because behind the photobooth there are two people, for many years friends, and from 2017 a marriage - Asia and Robert (those in the pictures above;)


Talk to us and we will be happy to show up at your party, guaranteeing you great fun of your guests - big and small, younger and older - because the photo booth is for everyone.

We believe that the photo booth is an attraction that will work at any party - it is perfect for a wedding, 18th, kinderbal, company event or a hen party or bachelor party.


Where do we operate?
Warsaw, Mińsk Mazowiecki, Siedlce, Garwolin. In fact, the entire Mazowieckie and Podlaskie voivodships.

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